ECF Farmsystems GmbH

Planning and construction aquapnic farm systems

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Germany

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ECF aquaponic farm systems enable resource efficient production of vegetables and fish of the highest quality. Within city boundaries, ECF offers Partnerfarms. In the countryside, ECF offers planning and construction of ECF Industrialfarms. 

With an ECF Farm, a partner produces vegetables and fish and distributes the yield in a direct sales model to the city dweller. ECF Industrialfarms are tailored to meet the need of resource efficient food production on a large scale. Farmers or agricultural holdings operate those farms under their own account/label. 

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising aquatic animals in tanks) and hydroponic (cultivating plants in water). The metabolic products of the fish are the organic fertilizer for the plants. The same water from the fish circulation is used again for the plants. A patented system regulates the water and nutrient level for the plant cycle. Additionally, the plants bind the CO2 deriving from the aquaculture. 

ECF’s vision is to grant access to sustainably produced food of the highest quality with minimal transportation and cooling chains, minimal water usage, minimal CO2 and maximal resource efficiency.

The innovation aligns economic success with high environmental and social standards. 

ECF is the winner of the Global Ideas Award at Silicon Valleys Clean Tech Open 2013. In addition to the overall award, ECF harvested the People’s Choice Award for their technology pitch, and is the overall winner in the Agriculture, Water and Waste category. 



Christian Echternacht

Team Members: Nicolas Leschke (CEO); Christian Echternacht (CMO)