Cycle Farms

Founding Year: 2016

Location: France

The Cycle Farms bio-refinery produces pelletized, nutritionally complete, animal feed. The bio-refinery transforms biowaste into high quality insect protein and rich compost. By adding necessary vitamin and mineral supplements, Cycle Farms aims to develop different kinds of pellets for fish feed and also sustainable equipment to enhance insect production worldwide.

This bioconversion process is an innovative solution for delivering farmers the protein and fertilizer they need through a natural and sustainable process. By offering both animal feed and fertilizer, Cycle Farms can encourage climate smart agriculture throughout the food system. And by reducing the pressure that farmers feel from operating costs, Cycle Farms helps to bring more sustainably farmed fish to market which encourages more people to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

Team Members: Marc-Antoine Luraschi, CEO -; Floran Laville, CTO -; Louis Agon, Strategy and Design -; Benoit Gilles, Entomologist -; Arthur Siau, Industrial Designer -; Philip Lonsdale, Business Developer -