Circular IQ

Data-based decision making in the circular economy

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: The Netherlands

Public procurement has the potential to create a demand pull for circular products. However, there are no norms for circular sourcing, which makes it challenging and risky for procurement to define and implement appropriate circularity requirements.

Circular IQ is an IT solution that makes circular purchasing accessible and simple. The software promotes deployment of criteria that originate from multiple leading sustainability programs such as Cradle to Cradle, Hazardous Substances Data Bank and US EPA. The platform streamlines data-collection from the entire supply chain. This data generates intelligence about circular performance and drives informed decision making.

Circular IQ is a flexible and safe solution to initiate, streamline and accelerate circular procurement.


Roy Vercoulen

Claire Teurlings


Team Members: Claire Teurlings (Industrial Design Engineering, M.Sc), Roy Vercoulen (Public Administration, M.Sc, Business Admininstration B.Ba), Roy Vissers (Strategic Management, M.Sc, International Business Administration B.Ba), Pien Jager (Industrial Design Engineering, M.Sc)