Captain Plant

Veggie Burger: healthy food for people on the move

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Location: Switzerland

Captain Plant merges the public desire for fast food with the increased awareness for health and climate issues.

  • The menu is designed to be tasty, fresh and healthy.
  • Complete vegetarian menu with the focus on seasonal and regional ingredients.
  • Guideline: Vegetarian food for non-vegetarians.
  • Take-aways as distribution channel and the aim to create a franchise chain.

Captain Plant’s special patties are the core product. Captain Plant also supplies patties to retail, gastro and entities like schools in order to…

  • serve more healthy and climate-friendly food.
  • increase fascination for nutrition without animal products.
  • use stores, restaurants and consumers as multiplicators.

Team Members: Jens Hermes (Director), Mike Schaffner (Product Development), Randy Cush (Business Development and Marketing), Christina Schürch (Manager's Assistant)