Biomass-based Green Glue for Green Board and Green Construction

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: UK

Cambond has developed a way to make carcinogenic formaldehyde-free adhesives out of biomass. These adhesives use less oil based chemicals and use low energy production processes. These formaldehyde-free ‘green’ adhesives are ideal for the large scale production of wood composites for the construction industry.

The Cambridge-based team is led by Dr Xiaobin Zhao, experienced in the commercialization of products including dermal fillers and seed adhesives, and Dr Gareth Robert who, alongside teaching medicine at Imperial College and directing the Neuroscience group as GSK, has made over 60 patent applications and founded a series of high technology companies.


Xiaobin Zhao

Team Members: Dr Xiaobin Zhao; Dr Gareth Roberts; Dr Qian Gao