Computer Aided Architectural Life-cycle Assessment

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany

CAALA supports architects to plan more sustainable buildings by providing real-time feedback on the financial and environmental building performance over its entire life cycle during the design phase.

CAALA (Computer Aided Architectural Life-cycle Assessment) provides real-time results of operational-energy demand, Life-cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life-cycle Costing (LCC) analysis at the very beginning of planning processes for renovation and new building creation. The software enables optimizing building-designs in a time efficient (10 times faster) and effortless manner and thus increases the project’s economic value (about 30% lower LCC costs), while preserving the environment (50% less CO2-emissions). With CAALA we supply building-planers with the tool needed to achieve energy and GHG-emission savings on a large scale.


Alexander Hollberg

Team Members: Alexander Hollberg, Founder; Sebastian Dominguez, Founder; Philipp Hollberg, Founder; Milen Ivanov, Founder, Head of IT; Norman Klüber, Product development; Christoph Rzymski, Software Developer; Thomas Lichtenheld, Product Development