Blue Inductive

Wireless fast charging for electric vehicles

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Location: Germany

Blue Inductive offers wireless fast charging systems with high power and exceptional efficiency for mobile robots and e-mobility applications.

The technology is a result of several years of extensive research at the Fraunhofer Research Society. In comparison to classical wired chargers there are several advantages: The charging process can be easily automated, the systems are robust and maintenance free and can be integrated invisibly into the ground.
In the industry sector wireless charging is an important enabler for the growing number of mobile robots and automated forklifts, because the existing charging technology is a real obstacle for a fully automated operation of these systems. Wireless charging is also important for the widespread use of electric cars, since handling the charging cable is perceived as very unconvenient by most users. Charging cables laying and hanging around between cars and charging station everywhere in the city cannot be the future. The future is wireless.


Johannes Mayer
+49 163 1704984

Team Members: Florian Reiners (Geschäftsführer), Johannes Mayer (Geschäftsführer), Benriah Goeldi (Software Entwicklung), Johannes Tritschler (Hardware Entwicklung)