21st century technology for preventing wildfire and illegal logging

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Location: Hungary

US Start-up Tour 2014In the US, there are typically between 60-80,000 wildfires that occur each year, burning 3-10 million acres of forest depending on the year.

Illegal logging is a pervasive problem, causing enormous damage to forests, local communities and to the economies of producer countries.

Introducing a signaling system BIOMON is changing the paradigm in the environmental monitoring using the technology of the 21th century, which is capable of collecting and submitting local data to a computing center using on-site sensors connected to a network.

The real-time information provides data for supervising and controlling illegal logging, detecting the formation of fires in order the forestry staff, the police and the firefighters are informed on ongoing events straightaway as they take place.

Team Members: Jozsef Papp (Assistant Professor at University Obuda, Security Engineering, M.Sc) Laszlo Szaday (Mechanical Engineering, Economist M.Sc) Gyorgy Schuster Dr. (Professor at University Obuda, Electrical Engineering, PHD) Zsolt Csatari (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc) Andras Kocsis (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc) Laszlo Matusek (Telecommunication and Financial expert, M.Sc) Laszlo Ady (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc)