bikuh – pedal for payback

The platform where bike riders and advertisers meet

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany/Frankfurt

We are tackling CO2 emissions by incentivizing an environmentally friendly and healthy behavior: bike riding. Bike riders are environmental heroes and we believe they deserve to be rewarded.

With bikuh we bring bike riders and advertisers together. We created a multi-sided business model that has a triple win effect. The bike rider, the advertiser and the environment benefit.

We make it possible for bike riders to rent an advertising space on their bikes to companies. In exchange for the advertising space, our bike riders get paid real cash for each kilometer they ride, not just coupons.

With this incentive we want to motivate especially car riders to switch to their bike.


Angela Gonzalez Pedrero 
0049 176 83526393

Team Members: Angela Gonzalez Pedrero, Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur; Patrick Kolb, Co-Founder & Sales Manager