Bao House

'We change the way you build'

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2017

Location: The Netherlandss

Producer and installer of construction material 
Bao House developed a prefabricated utilities system that can be used in the construction of small to medium sized apartments. It provides all services for comfortable living conditions (heating, ventilation, electricity, water and telecom) as well as a bathroom and kitchen.

Innovative system
The innovative system behind the product makes it possible to install all the utilities at once, whilst remaining flexible enough to fit into a variety of apartment sizes. The uncoupling of the complex (services) and the simple components (structure) enables automated construction processes that replace the labour intensive way in which utilities are installed.

Waste reduction
Maximising off-site production is the best way to reduce waste and to maximise recycling efficiency.



Benjamin Eysermans

Team Members: Axel van der Donk (Civil Engineering & Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Master & Manama) and Benjamin Eysermans (Business Management & Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Bachelor & Master)