Arborea Ltd.

Carbon neutral cities. Bionic systems to remove CO2 and purify urban air.

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: London, UK

Arborea is a cleantech start-up based at the Imperial College Incubator in London, UK. It provides cutting edge and sustainable green building technologies that allow companies and building owners to achieve their CO2 reduction targets, decrease energy consumption and increase brand reputation with one solution.

Arborea’s team developed the world’s first “bionic” tiling system (BioSolar Leaf system) which is able to sequester CO2, generate breathable oxygen, decrease building’s climatic control energy consumption and purify the air (VOCs and PMs). The tiling system is based on the revolutionary Carbon-Bio-Converter (CBC) technology, composed of microorganisms that harnesses biological photosynthesis in a complete new way. Due to the versatility of the technology, the tiling system can be used in several applications from urban to industrial developments.


Julian Melchiorri

Team Members: Julian Melchiorri; Dr. Ravi Vasudevan; Lorenza Brescia.