We create technology to help people save water

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: June 2016

Location: Ballerup, Denmark


Aqubiq creates a smart water sensor to help people save water. The sensor can tell how much water the appliances in the building actually use: shower, toilet, dishwasher etc.

It consists of three components: a single sensor device, some advanced cloud software algorithms, and an intuitive app. The goal is to reduce the user’s water consumption by 15%, simply through increased awareness and better information about the usage.

See our article about the time when Aqubiq tested their tech at the Roskilde festival! 

Team Members: Peter Nørtoft, CEO, Andreas Vejbæk Mønster, CTO, Jes Broeng, Morten Willatzen, Jens Gravesen, Eric Maganga