Energy storage systems

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: The Netherlands

AquaBattery developed an innovative product, The Blue Battery, that stores electricity solely using water and table salt. This invention will revolutionize the energy storage world and it will foster the growth of renewable energy technologies around the globe. 

The Blue Battery is the only electrical storage system that is 100% sustainable. AquaBattery provides benefits in two ways. Firstly, energy storage can minimise the mismatch between supply and demand of renewable energy, which drastically improve the energy efficiency. Hence, reducing CO2 ­emissions. Secondly, electrical grids companies don’t have to update their grid, saving tonnes of copper wires and cutting the corresponding CO2 ­emissions.

Team Members: Jan Post - Managing director, David Vermaas - Chief Technology Officer, Jiajun Cen - Chief Financial Officer, Emil Goosen - Product Developer, Jan Willem van Egmond - Product Developer and Edoardo Cometti - Business Developer.