Aqua Robur

Enables smart water infrastructure

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: Gothenburg

Today, the leakage levels in public fresh water pipelines are about 20-25%. Billions of Euros are wasted each year in Europe.

In order to detect these leakages smart and wireless metering systems are implemented round the pipeline system. The greatest hinder to this development is however the power supply to the metering systems. Today solutions are expensive and inconvenient.

Aqua Robur provides a ground breaking approach when it comes to power supply in this environment with its urban micro hydro system, which converts a small part of the water flow to electrical energy. This enables a sufficient amount of measurement spots to be installed at the most suitable locations in order to fight leaking pipelines.


Niklas Johansson, CEO
+46 709 724 669

Team Members: Niklas Johansson, CEO, Martin Holm, CTO