Algreen BV

Everyday algae

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Algreen produces fresh micro algae (spirulina) for the international food market. Algreen aims to grow spirulina in an organic way and sells it locally fresh to preserve the nutritional values and the original mild taste.

Dutch sustainable quality

Algreen started in 2014 with the cultivation of spirulina, with the aim of high yield combined with low water and low demands on water quality, without greenhouse gas emissions. This successful experiment led to the actual production on a large scale in 2015. The result is fresh Dutch sustainable spirulina. Algreen is located in Wageningen with a cultivation location nearby. 


Hendrik Staarink

Team Members: Stefano Canziani (Algaeneering, BSc) and Hendrik Staarink (Agricultural Engineering, MSc)