High-resolution agronomic data on demand

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2010

Location: France

Airinov offers agronomic research centers and farmers the most precise data available, using aerial imagery based on unmanned aircrafts technology. Our team has developed its own sensor and software suite, and so masters the entire processing chain.

Researchers can make use of new agronomic index, computed on imagery acquired both at high-speed and high-precision. > Farmers can use our recommendation maps to put the right amount of fertilizers at the right place, according to the crop needs. Airinov systems are able to scan crop as fast as 100 ha/hour, and to deliver maps as accurate as 5cm/px.


Team Members: Florent Mainfroy (computer engineering, M. Sc.); Corentin Chéron (electronics engineering, M. Sc.); Romain Faroux (salesman, bachelor of accounting)