Improved 4-cylinder engine cycle

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: The Netherlands

Airdaptive, a consulting company with experience in a wide range of industries including automotive, semiconductor and energy, has found a relatively low-cost way to increase 4 cylinder combustion engine efficiency up to 20%. This innovation will help engines breathe more efficiently, and additionally millions of people.

Tailored measurement equipment
With a multidisciplinary approach Airdaptive can solve innovation problems that companies face today, providing state of art tailored measurement equipment for automotive development in wind tunnels and on track. Besides consulting, Airdaptive is also involved in new business development projects. 

Currently the start-up is focussing on a new engine combustion cycle technology which can easily be incorporated before car production (non-aftermarket) for auto manufacturers and promises at least 10% efficiency gains.



Team Members: Arjen de Jong (PhD), Aaron d’Souza (MBA), Richard de Jong (MSc).