WeBio: Web Platform to manage Biosource Potentials for Renewable energy production

WeBio is a project carried out by Engie, in close collaboration with KIC-accelerated start up Open Foret.

Those complementary actors want to tackle the issue of scaling biomass valuation technologies.

The project will develop a matchmaking platform – the overarching goal is to take advantage, in a systematic and optimized manner, of all available resources over a territory. While technologies have been continuously improving to value bio waste in many manners, biowaste owners are still ill-informed and bio waste often ends up degrading in the open air, creating no value for its owner and emitting GHG in the atmosphere.

WeBio hence offers to change the game in this field, by providing information to biomaterials producers on the one hand, and to energy producers, local authorities and investors on the other hand. For that latter, the problem is not so much accessing the resource as reaching critical quantities of biowaste to make its conversion into energy a profitable activity.


Project Type


Lead Partner


Project Partners

Open Foret

Project Manager

Elodie Lecadre

Project Location

Brittany and Spain (pilot regions)

Project Start Date
May 2016

Sustainable Land Use and Sustainable Production Systems