Visualisation of Energy Efficiency Performance and User Behaviour

Sense4EN: Changing Individual Attitudes to Climate Change

The majority of individuals have no clear idea of the effect and impact their own energy consumption behaviour is having on climate change. So far, attempts from the side of energy suppliers to convey this information to their customers have proven ineffective. The Sense4EN project aims to communicate this information through smart metering and mobile based applications. This will make users aware of their consumption while actively engaging them, allowing them to interact and respond to their personal use of energy. If individuals make a conscious effort to reduce their energy consumption, significant reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. 

Households currently account for 30% of global energy consumption and 39% of European energy consumption. Energy efficient technologies alone cannot deliver substantial energy savings. Rather, individuals play a prominent role, as along with a willingness to invest in energy efficient technologies, behaviour and daily routines must change in order to mitigate climate change.


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Visualisation of Energy Efficiency Performance and User Behaviour (Sense4EN)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, services and products

Lead Partner

TU Berlin

Project Partners

Technical University (TU Berlin)
Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH Zürich)

Project Manager

Ivana Agnolin, TU Berlin

Project Location

Pan European, co-ordinated from Germany

Project Start Date
April 2012

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