Towards Innovative Low Carbon SMEs

Innovation Agencies are uniquely positioned to collaborate and share knowledge across the innovation agency community, providing the potential to enhance support for start-ups to reach knew markets, whilst also identifying best practice. The strategic objective of the TWINN project is to facilitate this peer-learning between innovation agencies. Through a detailed evaluation of existing best practice and context based case studies a Design Options Paper (DOP) has been produced to share the learning from this project and provide guidance on effective peer-learning.

The DOP demonstrates how innovation agencies can share knowledge and collaborate to develop a flexible best practise model. It demonstrates how cleantech start-ups, in particular, value this multi-sector approach, and to meet national carbon reduction targets these agencies need to understand how their activities interact with whole system thinking. It therefore acts as a guide for innovation agencies wishing to establish new market opportunities for cleantech start-ups.  To this end it presents Engaging cross Sector Market Exchanges (EngagingSMEs), as a replicable multi-sector added value workshop, designed to be integrated in to a wider cleantech start-up support programme.

Towards Innovative Low Carbon SMEs
Project Type

INNOSUP-5-2014 – peer learning of innovation agencies

Lead Partner


Project Partners

Asociacion Valenciana De Empresas Del Sector De La Energia
Aster – Societa Consortile Per Azioni

Project Manager

Ben Harris

Project Location

Pan-European, coordinated in UK

Project Start Date
May 2016