Total Recycle Decommissioning (TRD)

A pre-feasibility and formulation project

The international regulations on the Decommissioning of ships are supported by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation from 2013. The purpose of that regulation is to reduce the negative impacts linked to the recycling of specifically EU-flagged ships. According to a Lloyd Register Study from 2011, 95% of all decommissioned ships are recycled through beaching. This means that the production of scrap steel and the disposal of hazardous materials is done through individual dismantling of parts and by untrained and endangered personnel. The negative environmental impacts are immediate and not limited to the scrapping beaches. The establishment of facilities, which promote sustainable decommissioning of ships and facilitate the adoption of the circular economy mindset within the industry, will therefore have clear and outstanding advantages.

The Total Recycle decommissioning (TRD) project aims to verify the commercial and environmental viability of maximising the percentage of recyclable materials in the decommissioning of ships. The pre-feasibility and formulation project is a join venture between NTU, the Port of Frederikshavn’s decommissioning facility in collaboration with US’s largest decommissioning company M.A.R.S. The project is a first step in implementing the circular economy mindset in the decommissioning industry. It offers a diversified revenue source for shipbreaking companies and ports which host such facilities and cost-minimisation in the disposal of hazardous materials. TRD aims to provide a sustainable high-impact alternative to beaching and ultimately minimise the negative environmental effects of traditional ship decommissioning.



Total Recycle Decommissioning (TRD)
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NTU International

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No other C-KIC partners involved but Port of Frederikshavn and M.A.R.S

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Lars Bentzen, NTU

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05/2016 - 08/2016

Sustainable Production Systems