Open Access Catastrophe Model

Insuring the risk of catastrophes

With the frequency and severity of natural disasters increasing, the cost of catastrophe loss is soaring and governments, corporations, aid organisations and tax payers are left to bear the costs. The Open Access Catastrophe Model (OASIS) project will present a new open-source model that addresses the uncertainty of natural disasters and combats the setbacks of existing models.

Over the past century, the frequency and intensity of many natural disasters has increased . It is believed that rising global temperatures and warming of oceans are the cause of this. Higher temperatures accelerate evaporation leading to heavy rainfall and a high risk of flooding, likewise warmer oceans can lend much more energy to storms, dramatically increasing the intensity and frequency of typhoons and hurricanes. Many communities have become increasingly vulnerable and less equipped to cope with these changes.

Open Access Catastrophe Model (OASIS)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, services and products

Project Partners

Imperial College London
Delft Technical University
Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)
Aria Technologies

Project Location

Pan European, co-ordinated from the UK

Project Start Date
November 2011

Adaptation services