One Tonne Society

A field test of CO2 footprint reduction in private households with regard to the areas mobility, private consumption and housing energy

The One Tonne Society project prepares a business model that attempts to reduce the carbon footprints of volunteer private households in three European cities (Uppsala, Berlin, Bologna) under ‘real world’ conditions. The participating households will be offered to change the way they use energy, food, and means of transportation for various purposes. The business partners involved provide the infrastructure, information, support, and measurement, while the scientific partners develop methods, analyse, monitor and inform. Together, the partners want to find out how present day consumers can embark on a journey of living a low-carbon life of one tonne CO2 per capita and year—as all humans need to by 2050 if we want to meet the two degree temperature target.

One Tonne Society (OTS)
Project Type

Pathfinder – Exploring future demands, assessing potential for innovations to meet those demands and identifying barriers to their deployment.

Lead Partner

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany

Project Partners

Chalmers University of Technology

City of Bologna

Project Manager
Project Location

Pan-European, co-ordinated from Germany

Project Start Date
February 2015

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