Employer led CO₂ and Energy Reductions by Employees

Encouraging a greener lifestyle at home and at work

As private households have the potential to deliver significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy consumption, the Off4Firms project aims to target householders through their employers. Companies will be equipped with solutions to encourage their employees to make environmentally conscious decisions and adapt their current habits. This will promote a cleaner, greener lifestyle at home and at work.

Collectively, households account for the largest proportion of global energy consumption (30%) and greenhouse gas emissions (40%). In order to meet the 2030 climate target defined by the EU Commission, emission levels must decrease by 37-53%. This must be reduced by a further 88-91% by 2050. Hence, changing our behaviours in private households will make an important contribution towards meeting these targets.

Employer led CO₂ and Energy Reductions by Employees (Off4Firms)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, services and products

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Pan-European, co-ordinated from Switzerland

Project Start Date
April 2012

Making transitions happen