Co-Animation, carried out by UPMC with the support of KIC partner Reward Your World, wishes to enable citizen’s action in the climate transition in cities.

To achieve this goal, Co-Animation will create urban observatories run by citizens, with the support of scientists, based on the principles of participative sciences.

The wager is that citizens will thus be empowered with more knowledge about their environments, associated challenges and will start developing (or adopting) adequate solutions.

Co-Animation will build on several KIC projects that implied active participation from citizens, with a reflection on motivation and incentivisation (such as KIC-T or mobcut). But in a perspective of knowledge sharing and service scaling, the project will disclose the methodology for successful citizen’s engagement in climate-transition related activities.


Project Type


Lead Partner


Project Partners

Reward Your World (RYW)

Ville de Paris

Conseil Départemental de Seine Saint Denis


Project Manager

Laure Turcati

Project Location

France (Paris and Seine Saint Denis)

Project Start Date
May 2016

Urban Transitions