Climate Impact Expert System

Generating climate relevant information for multiple impacted sectors and present them in an online tool

A lack of useful regional climate and climate impact information could threaten the sustainability and competitiveness of a number of key sectors. Thus, Climate Impact Expert System (CIES) develops an online web portal to make that information readily available. In-depth climate and climate impact consulting services based on the data and the underlying climate impact research are to be provided.

Climate data has the potential to be a valuable resource for a number of economically relevant sectors such as agriculture, forestry, hydrology, tourism, and energy production. Whilst plenty of climate data is available, it is not in a format which is easily consumable by decision makers and the private sector. This is because there is a time lag between raw data being published and this being transformed into useful regional information. Nevertheless this information could be vital to maintain both competitiveness and sustainability in areas of the market affected by the impacts of climate change.

Climate Impact Expert System (CIES)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, products and services

Lead Partner

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Project Partners

Wetter Online GmbH

Project Manager
Project Location

Pan-European, co-ordinated from Germany

Project Start Date
July 2010

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