Carbon-neutral, Low Emission Gas Turbine using Steam Injection

Developing the new paradigm in gas turbine technology

Recognising the limits of existing turbine technology Carbon-neutral, Low Emission Gas Turbine using Steam Injection (Clean-GT) aims to develop ultra-wet gas turbines as a commercially viable tool for domestic and large scale power generation. As well as increasing turbine efficiency, this innovative technology has the potential to be driven by alternative fuels and reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Gas turbines play an important role in power generation, however current technology is entering a plateau in terms of improvements in total efficiency at low emissions. Furthermore, most operational gas turbines can only be driven using natural gas. However, there is a growing necessity and demand for power produced from a variety of new energy sources, including wind power generated hydrogen, syngas from gasification, and biofuels. Thus, the current standard in gas turbine technology is environmentally and economically limiting, and so new advanced versatile gas turbines are needed to make the transition to a sustainable society.

Carbon-neutral, Low Emission Gas Turbine using Steam Injection (Clean-GT)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, products and services

Lead Partner

Technische Universtat Berlin (TU Berlin)

Project Partners

TU Berlin
GDF Suez

Project Manager
Project Location

Pan-European, co-ordinated from Germany

Project Start Date
October 2012

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