Urban Center Bologna

Urban Center Bologna is a body formed by the main groups and institutions involved in the transformation of the city of Bologna and its hinterland and in the promotion of the “Bologna system”. Urban Center Bologna is a legally autonomous entity controlled by the Municipality of Bologna; as such, it implements projects with and for the Municipality, being closely linked to the policy and decision taking level. Urban Center Bologna, as opposed to the public authority, does not suffer lengthy administrative processes and has more flexibility in terms of resource allocation, management capacity and fast reaction time.

From the Climate-KIC perspective, the involvement of Urban Center Bologna is crucial to support the municipality of Bologna to stay actively engaged in the Climate-KIC cities network with more, and more challenging, activities; from the city’s perspective, Urban Center Bologna provides Bologna with technical competences and implementation capacity, the reach of a relevant stakeholder network, a channel for dissemination and a physically visible place for citizens to go, see, ask, be kept informed and learn.

Contact person: Giovanni Ginocchini,