Comune di Bologna – City of Bologna

Bologna has a long story of commitment and engagement in environmental and climate change issues, being a member of ICLEI, having signed up to the Covenant of Mayors and being the first Italian signatory of the Mayors Adapt initiative. It is active in the Climate-kic via co-funding and hosting pilot experiments of several running projects, especially in junction with Urban Center Bologna. It also provided the cases for the PhD Summer School ‘Design for Adaptation. Resilient Urban Communities’, held in September 2015.

On climate topics Bologna was partner of the project LAIKA Local Authorities improving Kyoto actions, and of the project BlueAp, the Bologna Adaptation Plan for a resilient city. Currently it seeks to work on water shortage and water quality issues, and on the participative approach to regeneration of urban rivers and canals, having experienced, in the last few years problems of water supply to citizens.

Contact person: Giovanni Fini,