CCPB is a certification body operating in the field of organic agriculture and organic products (food and no-food). Among the about 48 different certifications it is also accredited for CO2 related ones. It is a medium size enterprise, with over 9000 clients, active all over the world thanks to collaboration and branch offices in the Mediterranean (Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Marocco) and agents in India, Central America, China.

CCPB is hold 100% by “Consorzio Il Biologico” which includes 30% of Italian producers of organic products representing around 70% of the market share (many are large industries). The CEO, Fabrizio Piva, is members of the board of Directors of EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council) and since April 2015 the elected president, while the R&D manager, Giuseppe Maio is member of the land use change working group of IFOAM.

Contact person:
Giuseppe Maio,