Zurich Climathon winners meet with city officials to present their climate solutions

Following the Zurich Climathon, six of the winning teams had the opportunity to present their solutions to city officials and discuss the potential of future collaboration.

On 29 November 2016, more than 50 people, including the six winning Climathon teams, attended the event which aims to make Zurich an eco-friendlier, healthier city. The Climathon teams were given five minutes to present their climate solutions to Zurich city officials, and a further three minutes to answer any questions.

After the initial meeting with city officials, teams then had the opportunity to give an in-depth explanation of their idea in a marketplace style environment, where interested parties could find out more about the ideas presented and discuss the opportunity of collaboration.

While no official announcements have been made, teams are still in discussion with city officials about the possibility of implementing their plans in the City of Zurich.

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Meet the teams



The team developed an app that allows the uploading of pictures of food that is not being consumed anymore to a virtual shelf. Take a picture of an item you don’t plan to eat before the expiry date and instead of throwing it away it can be posted on Foodshelf, making it available for other people, meaning that there will be less food wastage.

Moss Cape

Street lamps wrapped in moss can help bear the summer heat and clean the air at the same time. The installation of flexible moss fabrics will decrease the average temperature within urban heat islands through so called evaporative cooling.

One Team

One Team created a collaboration platform that connects interested citizens with projects and companies. The application makes it easy for people to find and participate in, or co-organise, climate-related projects in their area.


Investing in new heating systems demands upfront investments that are not always available for the owners of private homes. By offering an interesting investment opportunity to a group of small scale investors, the team aims to collect the money needed to finance heating systems in private homes.

Green together

Would you like to travel sustainably within Zurich but don’t know the best way to do it? Track to Adapt has developed an app that shows travel options with different means of transportation. It provides information about the distance and time of travel, CO2 emissions, calorie consumption, and price difference. Points will be rewarded if the journey has reduced CO2 emissions.


Sometimes, it’s hard to know what we can eat to make our diets more climate friendly. However, thanks to Max, it has never been easier. Max is a personal foodie-bot that gives you recommendations on what and where to eat to reduce your carbon footprint, meaning you can save up to 100,000kg of CO2 emissions. Max will even take into account any dietary and allergy requirements, too, as well as sending you seasonal recipes and giving you advice on what to do with your leftovers!

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