Innovative solutions sought for urban challenges facing Italian cities Ferrara and Trento

Climate-KIC’s Urban Challenges programme is seeking to support start-ups and established organisations working on innovative solutions, in order to accelerate the Italian cities of Ferrara and Trento’s transition to a low-carbon future.

Urban Challenge Ferrara: Wealthy Waterland Wheels

Ferrara is seeking to attract innovative ideas, proposals and best practices to promote efficient and inclusive mobility, whilst achieving its heritage and environmental objects. More specifically, the city is seeking mobility solutions focused on public transport (roads and waterways) and cycling, to foster a truly integrated intermodal system that includes private car sharing and car-pooling systems.

This call is part of a framework of actions and policies in favour of sustainable and user-centric mobility in the city of Ferrara, the “city of bicycles”, where the use of bikes is amongst the highest in Europe. The Municipality of Ferrara is already working on defining objectives, strategies and priorities for its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), with the idea of putting people at the center of a new approach by implementing a fundamental shift from transport planning to sustainable urban mobility.

The challenge is, therefore, seeking solutions that address one or more of the following qualities:

  1. Monitoring systems for the accessibility and effective use of local public transport, with particular regard to people with reduced mobility;
  2. Incentive and reward systems to reward the use of local public transport or ‘Sweet Mobility’;
  3. Promote forms of urban pooling, in particular (but not limited to) business-to-business mobility, and with opportunities to integrate into an intermodal system of sustainable mobility;
  4. Urban-scale incentive solutions for home-school mobility forms, for school children, across the entire urban area.

More information and an application form can be found online here. Companies, individuals, associations can apply. The deadline for solution applications is on 1 December.


Urban Challenge Trento: Trento Smart Infrastructure – Blue and green solutions in the alpine regions

Trento’s urban challenge focuses on the development and regeneration of marginal areas as potential urban reserves for the community and environment. At the urban scale, marginality has a negative connotation as it places an area on the margins of something, a place of low quality, a space that often lies in a state of obsolescence. In the valley of Trento, several areas like this are fragmented, inactive, unused or even almost unknown.

This call aims to offer a fresh perspective on these marginalised areas by highlighting the positive elements that lie within their local systems, and by offering space for experimenting with innovative devices and tactics to improve their capacities for climate adaptation. The project aims to enhance, develop and manage marginal landscapes with their natural and cultural assets as part of the Blue and Green Infrastructure (BGI) network for a liveable and attractive Trento.

This challenge is looking for solutions that address one or more of the following qualities:

  1. Recovery and regeneration of marginal areas characterized by underuse or abandonment, and subjected to deterioration phenomena (e.g. marginality, sprawl, structural or infrastructural deficiency, unsuitability of services);
  2. Interventions able to enhance and promote cultural and natural heritage, for example through roll out of street furniture, improvement of accessibility and usability of spaces, improvement of pedestrian mobility and re-evaluation of pre-existing accommodation and catering facilities;
  3. Evaluation and monitoring of climatic and environmental quality (systems of air, water and soil) through innovative technological systems which can integrate the database availability of the environmental institutions of the area.

For further information on how to submit a solution to the Trento Urban Challenge please see their webpage here. The deadline for applications is the 27 November.


Does your city need open innovation to tackle its Urban Challenges?

Turn your city challenge into a success by entering the Urban Challenges programme: Climate-KIC’s Urban Challenges programme is calling for new project proposals to commence in 2018. The deadline for proposals is the 24 November 2017 (midnight CEST).

For more information on the call for proposals please refer to the Climate-KIC call for proposals page, here.