Thousands of innovators pulled all-nighters to save the planet

Thousands in cities around the world took part in Climate-KIC’s 2016 global Climathon, and collaborated with others and shared their ideas via social media.

During the 24-hour marathon session, students, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, technical experts and app developers from a range of academic and professional backgrounds came up with innovative new solutions to bring down the city’s carbon emissions.

The hackathon saw some 60 major cities – and across six continents – such as Shanghai, Paris and Sydney take part. Some cities, like The Hague, the Netherlands, Toronto, Canada, and Venice, Italy, have already published articles about their winning ideas, but you can also find information about most cities via social media.

Contribute Your City’s Tweets

Some cities, like Toronto, have created their own Twitter Moment to show how their Climathon unfolded. Create a Twitter moment about the Climathon in your city and tweet it @ClimateKIC and we’ll share it with our followers.

Get a taste of what the event was like around the world via the tweets below, and check out Climate-KIC’s other Twitter Moments for more!