Start-up Closca is running a successful crowdfunding campaign

Closca is a Climate-KIC start-up committed to bring style and innovation to cyclists. Their aim is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two wheeled approach for city transportation leading to a better society with sustainable daily habits.

Therefor Closca designed a fashionable bicycle eco helmet with a patented foldable system, allowing the helmet to become flat for easy storage in any bag while not pedaling.

On the go to reach goal number two

Founded in 2013 with already several awards in the pocket, Closca is now ready to take their product to the market. To help finance mass production Closca has started a crowdfunding campaign. The first goal is already reached: raising $20,000 to set up mass production for the helmet Closca Fuga. So now reaching goal number two is in sight: raising $50,000 to be able to also produce an even more luxurious version, the Closca Aviator and Nordic Extra Accessories. And if the campaign really takes off and hits the $80,000 then Closca will be able to bring the first helmet to the market with an integrated NFC chip. This makes bidirectional communication between helmet and smartphone possible.

How to join

The good news is that it is still possible to become part of this successful project and be fashionable while saving the planet. You can participate in the crowdfunding campaign here.


Closca participates in the Accelerator of Climate-KIC; a programme designed to connect start-ups with the right experts, formulate business plans, develop entrepreneurial skills and help fund businesses through their early stages.