Stara Zagora’s Climathon: Tackling urban pollution in Bulgaria

The Climate-KIC Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change event which will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world on 28 October 2016. 

In Stara Zagora’s the Climate-KIC Climathon will begin on the morning of the 28 October EEST and finish on the following day. It is organised by Cleantech Bulgaria to create new solutions to improve urban pollution in the city.

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The Challenge

Economically the strongest sectors are the processing industry, trade and energy and construction. The city and its surroundings enjoy extremely well developed energy and transport infrastructure. Near Stara Zagora operates The Maritsa Iztok Complex is the largest energy complex in South Eastern Europe. It consists of three lignite-fired thermal power stations. 

Environment: The city and its region are favoured by moderate climate, diverse and fertile soil which is well preserved and relatively good water potentials. Soil and climatic conditions are utilized to achieve a leading position in the field of crop production, horticulture, industrial crops, horticulture, apiculture. Arable lands occupy over 56% of the territory, with 43% average for the country.
The challenge: And yet, paradoxically Stara Zagora is the most significant source of air pollution in the country. According to the World Health organization, the index for air pollution of Stara Zagora is ranked as high (70.00). The major causes are the industry and more precisely the Maritsa Iztok Power plant complex, and the domestic heating with solid fuels, the heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. Though vigorous measures are taken, the levels of air pollution are still high. The city also faces challenges with water utilization and surface water treatment (eater pollution caused by industry) and waste management.

Pitching to expert judges

The Climathon event will culminate in presentation of each group’s idea in front of panel members who will provide valuable feedback. The panel is comprised of different science and business experts.


The organization that will take care about the local Climathon in Stara Zagora is Cleantech Bulgaria.

Cleantech Bulgaria organization started 5 years ago with mission to promote sustainable growth through innovation. As business network the organization focuses on clean technologies bringing together science, public and private sectors. Cleantech Bulgaria combines networking with acceleration services, technology brokerage and access to capital. The team has extensive experience in event management, education, business networking and supporting start ups for growth.

The initiative is supported by Zagorka SA (part of Heineken company), the municipality of Stara Zagora and many local partners. 

How to join the Climathon

How will you benefit from participating in Climathon?

  • Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public authorities
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new tools and methodologies
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Become a part of a global community working together to take climate action!

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🌎 Climathon 2017: Join us on 27 October 👍

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