Moldova’s eco-village to combat the direct impact of climate change

A group of volunteers in Moldova are striving to create a more sustainable lifestyle and have committed themselves to building an eco-community and village in Moldova.

COP21 Journey to Paris

As the world meets at the UN climate change summit in Paris, we put the spotlight on innovators who are already creating solutions around Europe.
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Climate-KIC makes a virtual stop in Moldova this week (6 – 12 June) as part of its journey to the UN climate change summit COP21 in Paris, and we continue the week by stopping off at the country’s unique initiative: the Eco-village.

The eco-village project is a unique initiative in Moldova which aims to have a direct climate impact through CO2 emission reduction based on eco-construction from local materials, smart energy system, permaculture, down-shifting and education.

The group of volunteers, with help from main partner, EcoVisio, are planning to build an organically evolving community in rural Moldova. The eco-village is aimed to reduce the environmental footprint, build healthy relationships, improve the quality of life, promote volunteerism and provide continuous education for those involved. 

The eco-village initiative focuses on three main areas:


The community invites people to explore healthier and more responsible lifestyles through:

  • Minimising consumption of energy-intensive products (petroleum, metal, cement)
  • “Green” construction and shared use of resources
  • Land restoration initiatives (organic gardening, permaculture, tree nurseries)


The eco-village project is ready to partner with NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, Local Public Administrations and individuals, interested in the following services:

  • Modern Eco-Conference Center
  • Practical environmental awareness and community building workshops
  • Vocational trainings in natural construction and eco-system restoration


  • Modern efficient homes (15-60 m2) built from natural materials
  • Extensive shared facilities in the form of a common house (to include workshops, kid’s room, dining area, guest rooms, offices, etc.)
  • Collective design, financing and continued management of the community
  • Opportunities for social business development (wind turbine, eco-cafe)

Growth of the eco-village

As the community grows, a small number of families will live on-site, following a co-housing model. This concept describes an active group of people who have decided to live next to each other and build their neighborhood together. 

In just over a year the group managed to build a 3-room straw-bale workshop, start an eco-club at the local school, plant over 300 walnut trees and engage over 200 volunteers from Moldova and abroad.


The initiative is supported by EcoVisio, a not-for-profit organisation in Moldova, whose work focuses on empowerment and environmental education and action.

EcoVisio connects people that want to work on a common vision for Moldova. They train people and provide them with instruments to achieve little projects in their neighborhoods or villages. EcoVisio shares information about the situation of our planet and start their own projects to help reduce climate change.

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