Meet the #BestClimateVenture finalists from Germany

The Climate-KIC Venture Competition brings together 15 of the most promising startups from the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme to compete for the title of #BestClimateVenture.

The Climate-KIC Accelerator programme supports hundreds of startups across Europe every year and is the only EU acceleration programme focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialisation.

Each country has selected the most promising startups from the accelerator to pitch their business ideas at the Venture Competition in Frankfurt hosted during the Climate Innovation Summit on November 8.

The startups will pitch to a panel of judges who will assess the robustness of their business model, their ability and readiness to scale, as well as their ability to work in partnership with others. The prizes include 80,000EUR for the winner, 50,000EUR for the runner-up plus an additional 10,000EUR for both winners to spend on a communications campaign.

Meet the startups representing the Accelerator in Germany


Coolar is developing an innovative cooling system that is powered by (solar) heat rather than electricity.

Coolar want to use this technology to bring stable cooling for vaccines and medicines to remote health centres in developing countries where solar heat is in abundance.

Their system does not use any moving parts, hazardous cooling fluids or lubricants. This way, they can provide the cheapest, most durable and sustainable solution for vaccine, medicine and food storage in regions with unreliable or expensive electricity.


Pendula are digitizing the waste industry by enables companies and recyclers to easily organise, track and then review recycling operations online using real-time data and analytics.

From effortless pickups to simple metrics and analysis, recycling management is now at their fingertips. Say goodbye to traditional processes which cause high cost and frustration, with you reduce the time and effort spent on administration while increasing the transparency of your recycling efforts.

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