Dutch Climate-KIC start-up Solease raises €4 million project funding

Climate-KIC start-up Solease has raised a total of €4 million euros from three energy funds in The Netherlands. With this capital nearly 1.000 private homes are equipped with solar panels in the Provinces of Overijssel, Limburg and Utrecht.

Eventually this will be expanded to around 5.000 homes, saving 10.000 tons of CO2 over time, which is equivalent to 100 million kilometres by car. Finance Director Roderick Wisselingh of Solease emphasizes: ”Through our collaboration we can not only achieve an annual CO2 reduction but also give a substantial boost to the sustainability of these households.”


Solease offers solar panels for a fixed monthly fee, making solar power more affordable than conventional electricity – from day one. Home solar systems earn themselves back in less than 10 years, but have a technical lifespan of 30 years or more. That means 20 years of free electricity against future electricity prices. Solease buys, installs, finances and insures the system and is also responsible for monitoring and repair. All at a monthly cost that from day 1 is lower than electricity price charged by the utility.

Climate-KIC support

Solease was founded in 2011 and is part of the Climate-KIC start-up network and has enrolled in Climate-KIC’s Accelerator programme. Solease received intensive training, masterclasses and personal coaching in order to help them get ready for their first launching customer. Solease won the Dutch round of Climate-KIC’s Venture Competition in 2012, an annual awards to identify the best commercial solutions to climate change. Read more about Solease.

Climate-KIC Accelerator

Interested to become part of Climate-KIC’s start-up network? Apply now, the next Climate-KIC Accelerator round in the Netherlands will close on 4 January 2016.