Climate-KIC Switzerland and 100-days launch “Crowdfunding for Start-ups” handbook

Crowdfunding is today’s magic word for launching new projects and services or for financing projects. How does a crowdfunding campaign work for start-ups? How can you plan and execute a successful campaign?

The handbook «Crowdfunding for Startups» – developed by Climate-KIC Switzerland and 100-days – provides a practical step-by-step guide for start-ups which have decided to use crowdfunding as a means to raise money.

The crowdfunding experts of 100-days have compiled tried-and-tested tips for you, which will help you to promote and fund your project successfully. The tips are designed as an idea pool. Select the ones that you think are useful and add any of your own ideas for a successful promotion.

We wish you every enjoyment and success with your campaign!

Anaïs Sägesser, Director Climate-KIC Switzerland
Romano Strebel, Founder