Climate-KIC start-up tests its smart water measuring system at Roskilde

Every year at Denmark’s largest festival, Roskilde, start-ups are asked to test their innovations at the site. This year, the Climate-KIC supported start-up Aqubiq was invited to set up and test its smart water sensor at three food stalls. The purpose was to visualise water usage, with the aim of minimising waste.

The festival turns the small town of Roskilde, west of Copenhagen, into Denmark’s fifth largest city for a week. Roskilde is the largest music festival in the Nordics and welcomes 130,000 music lovers.

Like most festivals, Roskilde deals with time and space scarcity. It is also strongly motivated to minimise its environmental foot print. Combined, these factors present a great opportunity for testing out new, innovative and sustainable solutions:

To this end, the festival each year invites selected providers to test their products and services. Innovative devices are installed at the various facilities throughout the camp site; such as in food stalls, showers and toilets.

While most food stalls at Roskilde are committed to care for the environment, the festival has not yet found a viable way to incentivise frugality when it comes to water usage. Hence, this year Aqubiq was invited to install its smart water sensors in three food stalls.

Aqubiq is a cleantech start-up producing smart water sensors to visualise water usage in order to change consumer behaviour. Aqubiq is currently part of the Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme.

Supporting the technology trials at the Roskilde Festival is Climate-KIC partner, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since 2010, the partnership ’Roskilde Powered by DTU’ has provided the festival with more than 100 students who are rewarded with free festival passes for running the trial projects.

Running the Aqubiq trials was Josefine Strandgaard, a Climate-KIC certified Master’s student. She will go on our summer school ‘The Journey’ this year, from where she will be sharing her experiences in video blogs. Stay tuned!