Climate-KIC launches new online pitch training module

Climate-KIC, in cooperation with KIC InnoEnergy, will launch a new online pitch training module today. 

Excellent pitch skills are essential for ensuring a message, whether it is about a new product or a creative idea, is conveyed convincingly to any audience be it politicians, buyers or investors, allowing them to grasp the real value of your idea.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Knowledge Innovation Communities (KIC’s) actively encourage students, start-ups and researchers to pitch their ideas in various competitions for funding and other support, and underline how important it is to be comprehensive but concise. 

The new course is offered free of charge and is open to all. It is designed for completion in 4 weeks but can be adjusted to the learner’s own pace. It consists of four stages, and has strong peer review elements. 

  • Inspiration
  • Writing your script
  • Effective delivery
  • Your final pitch

For more in depth information on the course content or to join, please see: