Climate-KIC invites partners to submit innovation proposals

Climate-KIC has launched two new innovation calls which are open to our partner organisations. 

1. Sustainable Production Systems: Climate Innovation Insights

Climate-KIC is tasked with sharing knowledge with and beyond its partnership on the successes and failures of stimulating game-changing innovation to tackle climate change.

We are therefore inviting partners to contribute papers to a new series called ‘Climate Innovation Insights’ which not only demonstrates and highlights a particularly good project, policy, business or measurement framework, but also shares the learning process of the experience and the lessons resulting from it which can help others to engage in the climate innovation landscape.

‘Insights’ will be a mix of case studies of recent innovation experiences and analytical pieces, evidence based and quality-assured making them suitable  for dissemination to a broad international audience. 

A budget of up to 6000 Euros will be offered for creating one Innovation Insight.

You can read more about the requirements and process for the call in the paper at this link: Sustainable Production Systems: Open Call for Climate Innovation Insights

Note that the deadline for submitting an expression of interest for this call is Friday 28 October 2016. 

2. Sustainable Land Use: White paper and on-line platform contributions 

The Sustainable Land Use theme has identified Forestry as an area of strategic importance for climate related innovation. Forests play a key role in absorbing carbon.and the potential to increase capacity through partnership based innovation is significant. A prerequisite will be to look at forestry in an integrated and holistic way.

The Sustainable Land Use theme intends to produce a White paper to support the Development and delivery of a Forestry programme over the next 5 years and beyond, building on the results of Climate-KIC Projects and the knowledge of experts within our community. This call is for both written contributions and editorial capacity to integrate these in the White paper.

A budget of up to 8000 Euros will be offered per contribution, dependent on the partner estimation of the time requirement.

You can read more about the priority areas and associated challenges/barriers for the White paper and the process involved at this link:
Sustainable Land Use: Open Call for a White Paper on Forestry

Deadline for expressing interest:for this call is 31 October. 

These calls for project proposals are open only to Climate-KIC partners. If you are interested in joining our partner network and share our vision, please contact our local Climate-KIC offices in your region.