Climate-KIC Governing Board member Henrik Wegener appointed science adviser to European Commission

Henrik Wegener, Executive Vice President, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at Climate-KIC core partner the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has been appointed as one of seven independent scientific advisers to the European Commission.

Wegener has an important role in Climate-KIC as a member of the Governing Board, and as chair of the Nordic Steering Committee. His university located north of Copenhagen, Denmark, is host to Climate-KIC’s Nordic centre which opened in April 2014

The European Commission is establishing a new Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) where seven researchers will form a high level group of scientific advisers. Their role will be to give advice to the Commission in cases that impact on the everyday lives of European citizens, and need a strong scientific basis for decision-making which is independent of political or institutional interests. For example, on the topics of climate change, energy, and food. 

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Esben Lunde Larsen, is delighted with the appointment: “It is a very distinguished post to which Provost Henrik Wegener has been appointed, and once again it testifies to the fact that Denmark has skilled researchers in high demand worldwide. It is important that the European Commission has a sound basis for making decisions on scientific matters, and we can be proud that a Danish researcher will be helping to advise in cases requiring academic insight at the highest level.” 

You can read more about the new advisory body on DTU’s website.