Climate-KIC broadens geographical scope with new regional scheme

Climate-KIC’s six regional centres have initiated partnerships with EU regions previously outside of the organisation’s reach, increasing Climate-KIC’s impact on climate change mitigation and adaptation across Europe.

Under the new scheme, regions in Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic will be taking part in Climate-KIC’s climate innovation programmes. Climate-KIC already has regional centres in Hungary, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK.

The following regions have teamed up:

The new regions will collaborate intensively with existing centres and will take part in initiatives such as the start-up Acceleration Programme, professional education courses to explore best practice in low-carbon transition in buildings, energy and mobility as well as exchanges to showcase and compare innovation approaches.

As part of its new Regional Innovation Scheme, Climate-KIC will fund the activities with €250.000 per new region this year.

Regional centres

Each Climate-KIC region brings together a cluster of key innovation players – public agencies, large and small companies, university and research bodies – to develop new ideas and initiatives for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The regional centres take part in a range of Climate-KIC activities, including professional knowledge-development and placement programme Pioneers into Practice, innovation projects as well as market acceleration through the public procurement of innovative products and services.