Carbon ‘foodprint’ app calculates CO₂ impact of dinners at COP21 climate summit in Paris

Climate-KIC start-up Eaternity has released a free app to calculate the CO₂ impact of menus — or ‘foodprint’ — in Paris at the COP21 climate change summit.

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Zurich-based Eaternity draws attention to the climate impact of delegates’ eating habits, and shows how simple and tasty it can be to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Their Eaternity App provides accurate CO₂ statistics on all products and meals, hundreds of tasty recipes with equally appetising illustrations and unlimited recipe creation and sharing.

Our food choices matter! With 31 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions originating from our food production and consumption, a 50 per cent CO₂ reduction is possible for every meal we eat.

Saving tons of CO2

This would have a significant overall impact potentially saving up to 5.6 Giga tons of CO₂eq worldwide per year which is equivalent to more than five times the total yearly emissions of a country such as Germany!

The production of beef, for example, strongly affects the climate, while potatoes barely have an impact. There is therefore a massive potential for CO₂ reduction by changing the way we eat. Those who want to do so in a climate-friendly way should choose vegetables over meat products and be on the lookout for seasonal and regional offerings.

App’etite for change campaign at COP21

Specifically for COP21, Eaternity has launched their App’etite for chphone appange campaign by making the Eaternity App available for free to support climate-friendly food choices.

The goal is to raise awareness about the ‘foodprint and have as many restaurants and conference centres as possible serve climate-friendly meals in Paris.

Over the last seven years, Eaternity has gained a very good reputation from its track record in Switzerland and acquired in-depth scientific knowledge in the process. Still, things are not progressing fast enough to save our climate.

In order to accelerate this process, Eaternity has decided to make its app available for free – allowing everyone to use it and actively bring about change themselves. This took quite some guts for the entire team, but they are convinced that it is the right thing to do!

Is a healthy, organic diet also good for the Earth’s climate?

By calculating the ecological foodprint of 5,000 Swiss meals, Eaternity’s CO₂-calculator will also determine the effect of an organic and healthy diet on our climate.

A large-scale project financed by the Engagement Migros development fund that is backed by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and other partners is making this expansion possible. It will provide a ground-breaking standard for especially healthy and sustainable meals. 

Healthy for both people and climate

Already since 2014, restaurants have been able to estimate the CO₂ footprint of the items on their menus with the Eaternity App and use it to label especially climate-friendly meals. Next year the app will be enhanced with additional functions to show the impact of “organic” and “healthy” meals.

The Eaternity team
The Eaternity team

This will allow restaurants to not only make a significant contribution to CO₂ reduction, but also to offer especially healthy meals while sensitising their guests about the issue of a sustainable diet.

“Healthy, organic and climate-friendly food does not have to be a contradiction in terms. The Eaternity App will help spread this knowledge,” says Judith Ellens, Co-Founder and Head of Science at Eaternity.

With the free public version of the Eaternity App which was released last week, its users can exchange climate-friendly recipes and set individual CO₂ targets. 

So what can you do?

Remember you are part of the solution! Have an impact by sharing and cooking climate friendly recipes. Talk about it.

Spread the word to raise general awareness on greenhouse gas emissions related to foods. And of course: JOIN the App’etite for change campaign!

Create an Eaternity account today or access the app directly.

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