Can you help Plume Labs beat London air pollution?

Plume Labs, a french Climate-KIC start-up, is looking for beta testers of their new wearable air quality sensors which support research against pollution.

You might have heard of their Pigeon Patrol campaign this week which saw a flock of pigeons fly around London fitted with the sensors picking up air quality levels across the city. Beyond this campaign, Plume Labs want Londoners to be able to wear their own sensors and create the first human-powered air pollution monitoring network.

Get involved

Plume Labs have launched a crowdfunder campaign which is looking to get people to join the first beta test of their cutting-edge personal air pollution tracker.

With your air pollution tracker you can:

  • Track your exposure to the main air pollutants that impact your health.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from pollution.
  • Support a crowd-sourced live map of air pollution in London.
  • Help fellow Londoners visualize the harmful emissions in your city.

By joining their beta test you will have access to these new technologies before everyone else and your feedback will shape the development of environmental tracking technologies. Getting involved with also mean you are supporting scientific research on clean air and pollution helping Imperial College London research how better-informed citizens can protect themselves from air pollution.

You can find out more and sign up for the beta test on the Plume Labs crowfunder page:

Climate-KIC Accelerator

Plume Labs is being supported by the Climate-KIC Accelerator. If you’ve got a great idea that would help tackle climate change then you can apply too: