BTA project finds experienced entrepreneur and start-up is born

On Friday 2 December the Climate-KIC Building Technologies Accelerator project GreenComfort officially turned into a commercial venture, named OfficeVitae.

The transformation of this research project into a commercial business will be a memorable moment for both OfficeVitae and Climate-KIC’s Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) & Partners as this is BTA’s first start-up.

The aim of OfficeVitae is to create healthy offices and restoring your vitality. The start-up was also a concrete result of our new concept of a match making event: Cleantech Business Lounge.

What is the problem?

Never before have Europeans spent so much time indoors (90%), sitting behind their desks. Research and employee satisfaction surveys show serious complaints about e.g. the indoor air climate, noise and office design. An unhealthy work environment causes poor concentration, lower productivity and higher sickness rates.

Research proved great market potential

There is a wealth of research connecting office occupant well being with the work environment. The World Green Building Council found that sick leave rates were reduced by 66% given healthier work environments. Despite all the evidence, there is a lack of solutions aimed at understanding, measuring, and improving the individual and office group wellbeing.

A solution for healthy offices with vital occupants

OfficeVitae takes on that challenge and developed a solution together with leading scientists at the Technical University of Delft – strategic partner of Climate-KIC BTA. OfficeVitae combines Smart Indoor Environment Sensors with Office Occupant Self-Reporting. Result: a unique and integrated approach to gain real time insights into healthy office and occupant vitality. 

Savings caused by immediate action

OfficeVitae also collects continuous feedback from office occupants and compares the two data sets. Connections are, for example, made between indoor air quality, acoustics, employee activity and eating habits. Every customer can track the daily average health performance and has the possibility to improve the situation by interventions, executed by high quality vitality partners of OfficeVitae.

Track record

Very promising results – such as energy savings, healthier and more productive employees, less sickness, higher retention rates and better company performance – have been measured during the first pilots at Estec and Accenture in The Netherlands and Knight Frank in London. This month OfficeVitae will start measuring comfort levels at TU Delft, Faculty IDE. Several other projects are already lined up.

It was very exciting to officially sign our partnership and transform a very impressive TU Delft research project into a commercial business with great market potential. It is really the mix of people’s skills, experience and ambitions that forms the basis for a bright future for OfficeVitae.” – Tako Werts, CEO OfficeVitae