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Toilet paper isn’t antibacterial, leaving consumers feeling unclean and resulting in 14% of wet wipes customers
using wipes for personal hygiene in toilets. This has led to wipes that claim to be “flushable” or “biodegradable”, but
aren’t actually flushable at all! These wipes block sewers and wash up on beaches, causing huge damage to the
environment and costing water companies across Europe over €189 million per year to clean up!


Twipes are the world’s first truly flushable wet wipes. They are antibacterial, like wet wipes, but on a roll, like toilet paper. Whilst other wet wiåes take a minimum of 100 days to break down in water, Twipes break down in just 3 short hours meaning no more sewer blockages.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

- On a roll - Unlike ordinary wet wipes, Twipes come on a plastic roll that fits into existing toilet paper holders.
- Antibacterial - Twipes have antibacterial elements making them cleaner than toilet paper.
- Sensitive Skin - Twipes are alcohol-free and parabenfree making them great for use on sensitive skin.
- Eco-friendly - Regular wet wipes don’t flush! Twipes break down in just 3 hors due to our flushable technology.

Market size and analysis

The global wet wipes market is worth over €10 billion annually. Twipes currently target boutique stores and luxury
hotels in the UK and are expanding within 2 years to the rest of Europe. The reccomended retail price for 4 rolls of
Twipes and a plastic case is €4 and the recommended retail price for 4 refill rolls of Twipes are €2.50. This price is
very competitive with other wet wipes on the market.


Twipes have raised over €160 000 in angel investment and have become the Mayor of London’s Entrepreneurs of the Year as well as the UK Women’s Startup of the Year for 2017.

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