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25% Of the online orders are not delivered to the intended recipient. In The Netherlands alone, this accumulates to 36.000.000 disappointing customer experiences and wasted time for redeliveries and neighbor deliveries. As a result of this, 50% of consumers have abandoned a shopping cart as they couldn’t find satisfactory delivery options.


At Trunkrs we believe that receiving your online order should be as flexible as your life. We create smart solutions to adjust our services to your schedule. We allow consumers to take control of the delivery process. This way we can reduce the non-deliveries with 80%. By using innovative delivery systems we create flexibility in the proces with a minimal impact on our efficiency and at affordable prices. Looking forward we are working towards on-demand and to-person (instead of to-adress) deliveries.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

A: Trunkrs puts the recipient in control regarding delivery moment and place via our AI powered chatbot. B: Trunkrs reduces the time between online order and delivery, so the recipient location can be determined better. C: Because of our IT enabled partner approach, we are able to scale quickly to new regions.

Market size and analysis

The Dutch B2C parcel market is about 200 mln packages that are shipped at an average price of € 4,18. Pricing levels in The Netherlands are competitive, in many countries higher shipment fees are standard. The countries that Trunkrs has selected for expansion have a combined Ecommerce market worth $684 Bln, The Netherlands total Ecommerce revenu has a value of € 18 Bln. Globally, Ecommerce is growing with double digits. This shows the (growth) potential for an awesome delivery service.


Trunkrs now ships over 10.000 parcels per month. Zalando is our largest customer. We do roughly € 50K in MRR and are growing fast. In total we have processed 62.500 shipments in 2017 YTD. We have serviced about 58.000 different recipients.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

At the end of 2018 we aim to become profitable in The Netherlands. To reach this milestone, we need € 1 mln in funding. This will be used to build the Network in The Netherlands, Accelerate Sales and to further develop the IT. The learnings and developed IT will serve to enter and reach profitability in new markets even faster.

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