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Trucks On The Map


There is an information asymmetry in the trucking industry. Using current tools, freight brokers book trucks with on the average 70 km empty run per truck-load, because in most of the cases they don’t know which trucks will be available closer to the pick-up point.

Solution is the safe truck-availability-map, where Shippers get A+ truck for every load and delivery status real-time; Freight brokers find closest available trucks quicker, and get best quotes; Truckers run fewer empty miles. Return on Investment within 3 months.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

TrucksOnTheMap has about 9-10 months of competitive advantage due to real-live-operation customer-feedback-based product development.

Market size and analysis

Target Customers: Shippers with long distance full-truck-load spot demand + their logistics providers’ network. User cumulation rate: 1 shipper user adds ~ 3,7 new partner users Primer Market: EU. Secondary Markets: USA, Canada
Primer Market size (EU): 1.2 M** users (avg. revenue: 12 €/user/week)
Target market share (EU): 17 % Value (EU): 127 M € (ARR)


Product development: since October 2014; Backed by two industry experts in 2015 and 2016. Public Beta release: March 2017; No. of pre-registered users: 147 Official system launched: on 3rd May 2017; No. of registered users: 275 Listed by Jonathan Wichmann: on “The most promising startups in logistics” list*** 1st Prize: on EIT’s Climate KIC Startup demo day (May 2017, Budapest)

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Tamas Domonkos Business Development BA, MBA, 17+ years’ logistics and international business development experience (@ Eurogate Group, Toyota, Transporeon).
Zoltan Káldy Product Development Software Architect, BC, technical university degree, 17+ years’ experience in project management and software development (@ Exxon- Mobile and Visteon).
Zoltan Fekete Product Development Software Engineer, BC, technical university degree, 20+ years’ experience in software development (@ Visteon).

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